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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture or “lipo“, is a cosmetic surgery that reduces the volume of fat and reshapes specific areas of the body. The objective of this surgery is to obtain a finer and more harmonious silhouette. It helps to effectively remove fat in areas where even sports or diet have failed. It is for women and men.


Liposuction has recently grown thanks to new technologies that make the procedure more effective and less painful. It is also the most popular cosmetic surgery operation. Thus, every year thousands of patients use this procedure.

Finally, it should be noted that liposculpture is not intended for obese people and is not a method to lose weight. Patients wishing to lose weight should be advised to revise their lifestyle. Our surgeons also recommend that patients reach their ideal weight before using this surgery.

Liposuction in Hungary in Budapest

Plastic surgeons of international renown
Private clinics accredited internationally
Personal assistance
Prices accessible to all budgets

Your operation is carried out by plastic surgeons with an international reputation and being accredited in Aesthetic Surgery with the Hungarian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (MPHEST – Hungarian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and the Hungarian Chamber of Physicians (MOK – Hungarian Medical Chamber).

Cost of a Liposuction

Save more than 50% on the price of your liposuction in the UK. Our lipoplasty are 260 GBP per area.

For example, price of a liposculpture in Hungary for:

  • belly (2 areas), 520 GBP
  • hips (2 areas, symmetrical), 520 GBP
  • back (2 areas, symmetrical), 520 GBP
  • thighs (2 areas, symmetrical), 520 GBP
  • airport transfert included
  • consultation, controls free

Total = 2’080 GBP

Other cost:

  • pre-operative tests, 130 GBP
  • anesthesia, 1 night at the clinic, 470 GBP
  • medication, 43 GBP
  • compression garments, 85 GBP

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Candidate for Liposuction

The candidate for liposuction is a healthy person. In addition you must have a stable weight and be close to its ideal weight. Indeed, liposculpture is not a method to lose weight but a cosmetic surgery to eliminate the fat resistant to sports and diet. In addition, the candidate must have a sufficiently elastic skin. In addition, the candidate must have realistic expectations of the results of this intervention. Finally, lipoplasty is not suitable for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Different Areas of Liposuction

Liposculpture is the most effective method to refine your figure. In addition, a large number of areas can be treated during the same procedure.

Liposuction of the Stomach

Liposuction of the abdomen will remove abdominal fat, which is particularly resistant to sports or dieting. This can be done in women or men. A lipoplasty of the abdomen often combines with a tummy tuck.

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Liposuction of the Hips

Liposuction of the hips can be done in women and men and will refine the silhouette. The intervention will permanently eliminate the love handles. The fat in this area is difficult to eliminate with sports or a diet. This procedure can be combined with lipoplasty of the belly and thighs.

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Liposuction of Thighs

Liposuction of thighs and saddlebags will decrease the diameter of the thighs. It can be done on the outer thighs (pants), the internal thighs or both. The procedure combines perfectly with a thigh lift or liposculpture of the inner side of the knees. This lipoplasty will refine the size of the legs.

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Liposuction of the Calves

A liposuction of the calves allows to refine the size of the calves and the shape of the legs. This must be done precisely because the fat layer on the calves and particularly fine

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Liposuction of the Buttocks

Liposuction of the buttocks will reduce the size of the buttocks and eliminate gluteal fat. Especially in women, fat tends to be stored in the posterior and fat cells. A liposculpture of the buttocks will also reshape the shape of the buttocks, which will improve the overall silhouette.

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Liposuction of the Arms

A liposuction of the arms will refine your arm and remove the localized fat in this area. The intervention will redefine the gable of the arm for less massive arms. It is suitable for women and men. Finally, a liposculpture of the arms can be combined with an arm lift.

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Liposuction of the Face

Liposuction of the face will remove fat from the neck, cheeks and jowls or treat a double chin. This intervention also helps to redefine the lower face.

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Different Techniques of Liposuction

There are several liposuction techniques. Some are newer and others older. However, each technique has its advantages and disadvantages.

Classic Liposuction

The classic liposuction is one of the most popular. The surgeon removes the fat manually using a cannula connected to a suction system.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is similar to classic liposuction, except that the surgeon first infiltrates a fluid based on saline and lidocaine which facilitates the isolation and extraction of fat cells. This technique allows for faster recovery and reduces the risk of complications.

Assisted Liposuction

Assisted liposuction is similar to conventional liposculpture, except that a small motor at the cannula emits vibrations to facilitate detachment of fat cells.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction uses a cannula that emit ultrasonic sound waves to help detach and remove the fat. This technique has the advantage of dealing with larger areas.

Vaser® Liposuction

Vaser® Liposuction also uses ultrasound to break and remove fat. Compared to the ultrasound technique, its technology reduces the risk of burns and discomfort by leaving the surrounding nerves and tissues intact during aspiration.

Preparation for Liposuction

Two weeks before liposuction, food supplements, vitamins and drugs containing aspirin are banned as they increase the risk of bleeding.

In addition, for smokers, it is asked to stop smoking two weeks before surgery, the cigarette increases the operating risks and lengthens the healing period.

During the consultation in our clinic in Budapest, Hungary, the doctor will carry out a medical check-up: blood tests, urine tests and electrocardiogram.

Finally, if the operation is done under general anesthesia, it will be necessary to present fasting to the clinic the day of the intervention.

Procedure of Liposuction

Length of Stay

A 7-day stay in Hungary in Budapest is necessary.


Liposuction can be done under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. When there are few areas to treat the operation is done under local anesthesia. If the number of zones is important, the operation will be under general anesthesia.

Duration of the Procedure

The duration of the operation is 1 to 3 hours. It will depend on the number of regions to be treated.


In most cases, a fluid injection is done after anesthesia. Incisions are made in areas where the fat cells must be removed. These are short, between 3 and 4 mm.


The fat is removed using a cannula that fits through the incisions. This cannula is connected to a powered system that will absorb fat cells. The surgeon will be able to remove between 4 and 5 kg of fat per procedure.

Closing the Incisions

At the end of the liposculpture, the surgeon places sutures and bandages on the incisions. The incisions are small, the scars are generally discrete.


When the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can return to his hotel after the procedure.

If the operation is under general anesthesia, the patient stays overnight at the clinic and leaves the next day.

In both cases, the surgeon will carry out a check before your return to France. In general, this check takes place within 3 days after the operation.

Recovery after Liposuction

The recovery time varies from one individual to another and according to the number of treated areas.

A medication will be prescribed to manage the discomfort.

The stitches are removed 12 days after liposuction.

Bruising generally disappears within 2 weeks after lipoplasty and swelling will progressively decrease over time.

The skin tightened with time and will return to its normal appearance a few months after liposuction.

Finally, regarding sports activities, the surgeon will tell you when you can exercise again.

Results of Liposuction

Your new figure will be remarkable within 2 weeks and the final result visible about 1 and a half after the operation. Liposculpture gives impressive results and can lose up to two sizes of jeans. Many patients come back satisfied with this intervention. Finally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and practicing a sport regularly, will preserve the results over time.

Risks and complications of Liposuction

Every cosmetic surgery carries risks. This is also the case for liposuction. These risks include:

  • infections
  • anesthesia
  • loss or accumulation of fluids
  • blood clots (phlebitis)
  • bleeding
  • infections
  • imperfect results

What our Patients Say About Us

I came to Liposuction in Budapest. My experience of cosmetic surgery abroad was a complete success. Thanks again ! – Virginia

It should be known that liposculpture is 2-3 times more expensive than in Budapest; transport price included. I found a sexy silhouette thanks to my liposuction in Hungary. This medical tourism stay in Budapest was a complete success – in addition the city is beautiful. – Thierry

I performed a liposuction of several areas: hips, arms, thighs. I’m not really for cosmetic surgery but I needed this little extra to lose that localized fat that really did not want to leave. The operation went very well. Prices were also very accessible. My entourage was very surprised – well – for my weight loss. I finally lost two sizes of jeans. – Jasmine

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