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1. Free Quote

Your cosmetic surgery in Hungary: during a first telephone contact or via email, we will discuss the surgery you are considering, including the procedure, duration of stay, and price. We will ask you to send us, if possible, a picture of the target body part in its context as well as an example of the desired final result via email. You must also complete a medical questionnaire, which we will send you electronically. Based on these parameters, we will guide you towards the best option.

2. Trip to Budapest and Free Consultation Prior to Your Surgery

We will set a date for your plastic surgery in Hungary together, according to your availability.

You can book affordable flights ticket on websites like EasyJet or skyscanner .

We can also book your hotel or apartment. To obtain more information about our partners residences, please visit our “accommodation” web page.

A free consultation will be offered the day before surgery to confirm the feasibility of the latter (the photos, the choice of surgery, and the medical questionnaire and their analysis by the doctor before your departure make this an almost automatic confirmation; however, alternative options can sometimes be considered on site).

3. Surgery in Our Clinic Located in Budapest

Protocols regarding the evening or morning before the operation will be given by the doctor; post-operative procedures will also be conveyed.

4. Postoperative Monitoring

A final check is made by the surgeon prior to departure; when necessary, painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed following the surgery.

The surgeon will ask you to send pictures at regular intervals corresponding to the recovery phases of your plastic surgery in Hungary; these may include the disappearance of swelling (in the case of rhinoplasty), in order to evaluate the success of the surgery.

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