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What is PermaLip?

PermaLip ™ is a silicone implant brand to increase the volume of the lips. The brand is marketed by the company SurgiSil. PermaLip is actually a silicone implant. This prosthesis is made of soft and strong elastomer silicone, with a smooth, non-porous surface. It provides a long-lasting result for long, fleshy, luscious lips while respecting the natural contour of the mouth.

permalip implants

Lipoplasty with this type of implant is an ideal solution for permanent lip augmentation or to compensate for thin or pinched lips.

The implant can be placed on the upper or lower lip, or both.

Our surgeon in Budapest, Hungary specializes in the installation of Permalip implants. In order to make an appointment, just contact us by e-mail at

Advantages and Disadvantages of PermaLip Implants

Benefits of PermaLip

PermaLip implants have several advantages over other lip enhancement techniques.

Indeed, unlike injections of hyaluronic acid that must be renewed periodically, Permalips have an unlimited lifespan. These can also be replaced or removed at any time.

In addition, PermaLip prostheses are biocompatible. Thus, the risk of developing an allergic reaction to the product is extremely rare. Which is not always the case, concerning lip fillers.

Finally, PermaLip is reliable and gives excellent results. Implants have existed since the 2000s and have been developed in the United States. Since then, this technique of lip augmentation has largely proved its worth.

Permanent lip enhencement
A natural and sustainable result
Biocompatible, no risk of allergy
Quick intervention 30 minutes
Affordable prices
In 1 trip: 3 days in Budapest, Hungary

Disadvantage of PermaLip

Because PermaLip silicone is strong, the risk of rupture or flow in the body is almost non-existent.

With the exception of patients with cardiac diseases or those suffering from serious diseases, there is no contraindication for this surgery of the lips.

What is the Price of PermaLip?

The price of PermaLip shown in the table below includes: consultation, intervention and control. To this must be added the price of the plane ticket and 2 nights of hotel. These latter costs remain insignificant compared to the price of PermaLip in the UK for example.

 Our price list

What are the Different Sizes of PermaLip Implants?

PermaLip are available in different thicknesses and lengths, making a total of 9 possibilities.

The choice in terms of thickness is based on the desired result, and the choice in terms of length is based on the length of your lips.

PermaLip Thicknesses and Diameters

  • 3 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 5 mm

PermaLip lengths

  • 55 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 65 mm

PermaLip Candidate

PermaLip helps to increase the volume of the lips, makes the lips more fleshy and embellishes the smile. Thus, PermaLips are ideal for those who:

  • have thin lips and would like to increase the size of your lips
  • would like to increase the size of one lip compared to the other
  • have a gum smile and the upper lip disappears when they smile
  • would like to harmonize the rest of the face with their mouths

Since implants are biocompatible, the risks of allergy or rejection are extremely rare. However, PermaLip is to be avoided if you smoke. In this case, it will stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery.

Finally, PermaLip is suitable for both women and men and there is no age limit for this type of intervention.

Preparation for Lip Augmentation with PermaLip

Smokers must quit smoking two weeks before the procedure. The smoke slows down the healing process and significantly increases the risk of operative complications. In addition, it will also abstain from smoking after the intervention to prevent the implant from moving in the post-operative period.

In addition, two weeks before the lip augmentation by implants, it will stop taking drugs containing aspirin and dietary supplements or vitamins increasing bleeding.

PermaLip Procedure in Budapest, Hungary

Length of Stay

A three day stay in Budapest, Hungary is necessary. The procedure can take place the first day after consultation. It will then be necessary to rest one day and carry out a control before returning to you.


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Lenght of the Procedure

PermaLip implant placement lasts only 30 minutes.

Incisions and Placement of PermaLip

Tiny incisions are made in the corners of the mouth. Then PermaLip is introduced into a tunnel along the lips. Finally, the surgeon adjusts and centers the position of the implants.

Closing the Incisions

Once PermaLip is centered, the surgeon closes the incisions with dissovable stitches.


Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. You can leave the clinic after the procedure.

Recovery after Permalip

In the postoperative period, the patient may apply cold compresses or ice to limit swelling.

Then, at the level of the medication, anti-pain and antibiotics will be prescribed.

As bruising, swelling and edema are important during the first 3 days, a social-professional eviction of at least a week is necessary after the procedure.

To avoid the risk of displacement of the implant, it will be necessary to stop smoking during the first 3 weeks.

Finally, the dissolvable stitches will fall off after 5 days.

Permalip Results

The results of PermaLip are appreciable as soon as the swellings are gone. In general after a week.

Unlike injectables and fillers, these are for the long term. The great advantage of implants is that they can be kept as long as possible or replaced or removed at any time.

In addition, the results of the implants give smooth lips without risks of irregularities like bumps, which could appear with the injections in the lips.

To continue, the volume does not decrease, which can be the case with lip enhancement by fat transfert (lipofilling).

PermaLip Risks and Complications

As with any surgery, lips augmentation with PermaLip carries risks and complications. Major risks and complications are rare, risks and minor complications exist.

Thus, edema and bruising  may appear around the lips. These disappear after a few days.

Swelling may also occur. They usually disappear after a week.

Cases of allergy to the product are extremely rare. However, a risk of allergy related to the anesthetic product is possible.

To continue, the risk of infection, bleeding or bad position of the implant exist.

Finally, in case of complications, it is always possible to remove the implant or replace it.

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