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Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants or breast prostheses come in different compositions, envelopes and shape. In breast surgery, they can increase the size of the breast during a breast augmentation or are used to rebuild a breast after the removal of a breast (mastectomy) after cancer.

The surgeon will help you choose your breast implants during the consultation in Budapest, Hungary. We only use high quality prostheses for your breast augmentation.

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Composition of Breast Implants

Breast implants may be composed of saline or cohesive silicone. Today, the most used breast implants are cohesive gel prostheses. These give a more natural look and feel. These are also the breast implants that we offer in our cosmetic surgery clinic in Hungary, in Budapest.

Saline Breast Implants

Physiological saline breast implants (saline or liquid silicone gel) contain sterilized salt water and sodium chloride. The advantage is that in case of rupture, the saline solution will be absorbed by the body without any danger. Their disadvantage is a less natural result and a higher risk of wrinkling. This solution was very popular in the 90s when silicone prostheses were prohibited. Today, this type of prosthesis is used almost no longer.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Cohesive silicone-gel implants, also known as gummy bear breast implants are now the most popular breast prosthesis. It contains a strong cohesive silicone. The first benefit of this implant is safety. Indeed, in case of accident or rupture of the prosthesis, it keeps its shape and the gel will not flow out. Its second advantage is that it offers a very natural result and feel. Finally, its value for money is also more advantageous.

Envelope of Breast Implants

Breast implants used for breast augmentation consist of an outer layer called a silicone “envelope”. The envelope or cover is filled with silicone gel or saline solution. This surface can be smooth or textured.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured breast implants contain a granular envelope. This surface can be micro or macro textured. Textured prostheses are used when the implant is anatomically shaped. Indeed, the rough surface will avoid the risk of rotation of the implant and will benefit from a better stability and adhesion. Moreover, their price is higher. Finally, the interactions between the surface of the implant and the tissues may increase the risk of irritation and inflammation.

Smooth Breast Implant

Smooth breast implants have as their name suggests, a smooth surface. It is also more flexible. This type of prosthesis is mainly used for saline-based implants or cohesive gel implants of round shape. Indeed, the risk of rotation carries less danger. Finally, their advantage is a lower price and a lower risk of ripple.

Shape of Breast Implants

In addition to the composition and the envelope, there are two categories of breast implants: round implants and anatomical implants. 70% of the chosen implants are round.

Round Implants

As we have seen, round breast implants can be either saline or cohesive silicone. The second composition is the most used nowadays.

Round implants can be placed in the retro-glandular position, behind the mammary gland but in front of the pectoral muscle or retro-pectoral, behind the pectoral muscle. The first solution is most often exercised.

Round prostheses can vary in size and profile. The round shape will bring volume just as well in the bottom as in the upper chest. Thus, this form of prosthesis will increase the projection in the upper part of the chest. It will appear more bulging.

To continue there are different profiles. Among the main ones, the low profile, moderate and high:

the low profile gives a minimal projection but a very natural result, a moderate profile allows a good projection for thin patients and a natural result for thicker patients and finally,
a high profile: it increases the upper part of the chest, a much more bulging but more artificial result.

Anatomical Implants

Anatomical breast implants mimic the natural shape of the breast to give a more discreet and natural result. They thus make it possible to avoid the too bulging and less natural appearance on the upper part of the chest.

Their dimensions vary in width, height and width. As a result, this type of breast implant will allow a custom-made breast augmentation. Plus, it’s perfect for women who want a more subtle and natural result. Finally, the anatomical prosthesis is often used during a breast reconstruction following a cancer for example.

Brands of Breast Implants

There are a multitude of brands of breast implants. Our clinic in Budapest Hungary chooses breast implants brand Polytech Health, excellent quality and German fabrication. They are part of one of the 13 best implant brands on the market and are leaders in Europe.

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