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Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Cosmetic surgery prices in EUR as of the 1st January 2023.

Each intervention is unique and unique. Our cosmetic surgery price list is therefore indicative.

Cosmetic Surgery PricesPrices in EUR
Consultation and quotationFree
Neck and face lift, cervico-facial lift, under general anesthesia4000
Mini face lifting, under general anesthesia3150
Mini face lifting, under local anesthesia2550
Neck lift, under general anesthesia2550
Second Rhinoplasty, under general anesthesia3850
Complete rhinoplasty1824
Rhinoplasty (cartilage only) under anesthesia2550
Rhinoplasty (cartilage only) under local anesthesia2150
Lower eyelid surgery under local anesthesia1700
Lower eyelid surgery under local anesthesia without fat transfer1400
Upper eyelid surgery under local anesthesia1400
Upper eyelid plastic surgery with internal brow lift2000
Full eyelid surgery2700
Otoplasty under local anesthesia1 550
Complete botox treatment350
Filling of wrinkles (with hyaluronic acid or Restylane emer) 1ml400
Lip filler, mouth filler (with hyaluronic acid or emery Restylane) 1ml450
Permalip - implant silicone cushion - upper or lower lip (one area)1050
Permalip - implant silicone cushion - upper and lower lip (full mouth)1750
Combined mammaplasty, breast lift with breast implant, under anesthesia4700
Breast augmentation, breast implant under anesthesia4550
Breast augmentation with your own fat3700
Breast augmentation with your own fat using the LipoLife BeautiFill technique4000
Breast augmentation with macrolan3850
Breast lift under anesthesia3450
Breast reduction3600
Laser Liposuction - LipoLife BeautiFill, 2 body areas1100
Liposuction/body areas, 2 aeras700
Face fat transfer with LipoLife BeautiFill technique2450
Face fat transfer2250
Calf fat transfer LipoLife BeautiFill technique3700
Calf fat transfer3450
Buttocks ("Brazilian Butt Lift") with the LipoLife BeautiFill technique4250
Glutes ("Brazilian butt lift")3850
Goisis Microfat own fat filling / depends on the size of the area to be treated and the condition of the skin2700
Buttock plasty with implantation under anesthesia4850
Buttock plasty, reduction2550
Plastic surgery of the calf under anesthesia340
Thigh plasty2850
Arm lift under anesthesia2550
Intimaplasty, labia minoraplasty1550
General anesthesia instead of local anesthesia790,40

cosmetic surgery prices

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