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Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Cosmetic surgery prices in EUR and GBP as of the 1st January 2019.

Each intervention is unique and unique. Our cosmetic surgery price list is therefore indicative.

Cosmetic Surgery PricesPrices in EUR
Consultation and quotationFree
PermaLip upper or lower lip (one lip)950
Permalip both (upper and lower lips)1900
Upper eye lid surgery1000
Lower eyelid surgery1100
Upper-lower eyelid surgery2000
Otoplasty (ear surgery)1200
Mini face lifting, in local anesthesia1800
Mini face lifting, in general anesthesia2000
Neck lifting, in general anesthesia1900
Face lifting : face+neck, full face lift, in general anesthesia2700
Breast augmentation with SEBBIN implants3300
Breast augmentation, with MENTOR implants3700
Breast reduction - mastopexia2700
Breast lift and augmentation with implants4000
Tummy tuck, in general anesthesia2700
Liposuction 2 regions600
Buttock augmentation-gluteal implants3500
Calf augmentation with implants3500
Brachioplasty-upper hand2300
Hyaluronic acidfrom 400
Full botox treatment400
Wrinkle correction, contour repair by transfer of own fat1000 - 1800
Buttock lipofilling with fat trannsfert4400
Breast lipofilling with fat transfert3800
Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplastyfrom 1300
Vaginoplastyfrom 1300
General anaesthesia instead of local anesthesia, including one night at the clinic500

cosmetic surgery prices

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