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General Conditions

These general conditions apply to the use of this website by different users, customers and partners as well as SwissMedFlight RI referred as “SwissMedFlight” hereafter. They ensure the transparency of the content of this website and govern its use and the interactions between the clients and SwissMedFlight. By accessing any section of this website or using the services of SwissMedFlight, you accept the terms and conditions described below.


SwissMedFlight is a London-based company offering medical tourism services in Hungary.’s website SwissMedFlight and consists of a portal for potential clients, referred as “clients” hereafter, for referrals for medical services offered in Hungary by various clinics and doctors.


SwissMedFlight has no contractual relationship of a financial or medical nature with clients. No financial transaction is carried out between the client and SwissMedFlight or vice versa.


Medical procedures’ guarantees are contractual between clinics and doctors recommended by SwissMedFlight and the client; these procedures are independent of the activity of SwissMedFlight that consists solely of promoting service these clinics and doctors propose and to put the client in touch with them. Although SwissMedFlight has carefully reviewed the quality of services and guarantees offered by the clinics and doctors that SwissMedFlight recommends and expose to the client as seamlessly as it is reasonable, SwissMEdFlight can not give any guarantee thereof.


All prices on the website are regularly updated and reveal the range of prices offered by SwissMedFlight’s partner clinics and physician; however, they are indicative and may be subject to change. Only the final price on the final quote of the clinic is the one that is guaranteed by the latter, and not by SwissMedFlight.


All medical information contained on this website has been carefully reviewed; Nevertheless, it should not be considered as medical advice or medical resource; the accuracy of this information and any other information contained in this site is not guaranteed by SwissMedFlight; the same is applicable for any information exchanged in oral or written communications, on paper or electronically, between a customer and an entity or a person connected to SwissMedFlight, whether it is a shareholder, employee or an agent of SwissMedFlight.


Any information sent from the client to SwissMedFlight will not be disclosed to a third entity out of the scope of the service proposed by SwissMedFlight; those with potential access to such information are restricted to SwissMedFlight’s staff, shareholders, employees or commission agents and persons affiliated with clinics and doctors offering a quote or medical service.

Intellectual property

The texts, images and logos on this website are the property of SwissMedFlight; it is strictly forbidden to reproduce these without the prior written consent of SwissMedFlight.

Applicable right

In case of disputes, the applicable law is the International Law.

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