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What is Liposuction of the Hips ?

Liposuction of the Hips is a cosmetic and plastic surgery to eliminate the fat mass at the level of love handles or flanks. This often extends to the abdominal region and to the breeches of horse.

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In addition, liposuction of love handles is suitable for women and men. This is an effective solution when sport and diet are not enough to lose localized fat. Finally, liposuction of love handles can also be combined with liposuction of the thighs and back.

Liposuction of the hips in Hungary, your benefits

Removes love handles
Effective and definitive solution
Liposuction of the hips in only one trip
Affordable prices, including travel

Hips Liposuction Cost

The price of liposuction of the hips in our clinic is 2’500 euros. Save on UK or Central Europe prices:

  • consultation
  • pre-operative tests
  • anesthesia
  • hips liposuction
  • hospitalization
  • the medication
  • compression garments
  • controls
  • personal assistance
  • airport clinic airport transfers

Liposuction of the Hips Candidate

The candidate for liposuction of the hips is a person close to its ideal weight and who can not lose the fat deposits in the saddlebags. Then she must be in good health and have realistic expectations in terms of the results of this intervention.

Preparing for Liposuction of the Hips

First of all, the patient must have tried to lose weight. Indeed, liposuction is not a method to lose weight.

Two weeks before the intervention, it will be necessary to stop smoking, to take supplements and vitamins.

Finally, depending on the type of anesthesia, pre-operative tests will take place at the clinic.

Liposuction of the Hips Procedure Steps

Length of Stay

It is necessary to plan a 7 day stay in Budapest in Hungary.


Anesthesia will depend on the amount of fat to be removed.

Duration of the Procedure

The duration of the procedure is 30 to 60 minutes.


The incisions are small and measure maximum 5mm.


The surgeon introduces a cannula into the incisions to remove excess fat.

Closing the Incisions

Finally, when liposuction is complete, the surgeon closes the incisions with sutures.


Depending on the type of anesthesia, the patient will spend one night at the clinic.

Recovery after Liposuction of the Hips

After liposuction of the hips, a compression sheath should be worn for two weeks. This will prevent the formation of edema and improve the results.

Then to manage the pain, the doctor will prescribe painkillers.

The stitches are removed 12 days after the liposuction of the saddlebags.

Bruising and swelling disappear after 1 month.

Finally, the sport can be resumed 4 weeks after liposuction.

Liposuction of the Hips Results

The results of liposuction of the hips is assessed after 3 months, when the healing period is over. You will find a fine size and the love handles will be gone. The results are for the long term. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle will help prolong the outcome over time.

Liposuction of the Hips Risks and Complications

Every cosmetic surgery carries risks. This is also the case for liposuction of the hips. By following the recommendations of your surgeon, you will be able to minimize them.

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