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Is the accommodation taken care of?

Not at this moment. We can, however, book hotels at attractive rates in the neighborhood of the clinics, in the center of Budapest.

How to organize your trip?

You can contact us via email or phone; we will ask you for the necessary information in order to provide you with a quote. Then, we will schedule a meeting in Budapest at your convenience. We do not purchase the flight for you, but we can help you find good offers. It is possible to find affordable direct flights from Switzerland, France, and the UK, as well as from most of major European cities, bringing you to Budapest within 2 hours.

How to get a free quote?

You just need to send us an email via our website or directly at our electronic address, For dental treatments, X-rays allow us to make a comprehensive quote; panoramic X-rays are ideal. For aesthetic surgery or hair implants, photos of the zone to be treated in its context allow the surgeon to evaluate the procedure to choose.

How is it possible to get discounts of over 80% compared to Western European prices?

The fees of Western European doctors often constitute more than 80% of the price of the service. Hungarian doctors offer equivalent services at a fraction of the price.

What about the quality of the materials used?

Our clinics work with the most reliable materials, often made by Swiss, German or Japanese companies. We describe the type of equipment used in various treatments.

Is there a guarantee on the treatment?

Yes, all our treatments have different types of guarantees. For instance, a dental implant is guaranteed for life.

What happens during the first consultation?

An initial free consultation is needed to confirm the procedures to be performed. There is no commitment to proceed at that stage. For French speaking patients, a translator will be present; if you wish to communicate in English, our doctors are fluent. Generally, conclusions of the consultation will not diverge from the content of the quote; treatment can begin during this first stay. Many treatments require only one trip, those include hair implants, most cosmetic surgeries and superficial dental work.

Who should be paid and how?

Our partners clinics receive payment. Payment is conducted on-site by card, bank transfer, or cash for dental care; by cash for cosmetic surgeries.

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