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Dental fillings: Composites, Inlays and Onlays

Today, dental fillings are in most cases lead-free. The amalgam was composed of silver powder and mercury which toxicity, in a dentistry context, is controversial.

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Your advantages

 Composite filling from EUR 105
 Inlay-core from EUR 220
 No mercury or lead, a natural color

Dental Composites

Dental composites are made of ceramic (porcelain) and resin; they give a natural color to the filling. The color of the composite is the same as the color of teeth and gives a visually natural result that does not decreases the brilliance of teeth. The composite is a white paste which becomes solid in a few seconds by means of a powerful lamp, hence the terminology of photopolymerizable composite.

Our dental clinic in Budapest gives a one year guarantee on dental composites. The price of ceramic and resin dental composites is EUR 105.

We also offer gold fillings; the company with which we work for this precious metal is Argen. Golden fillings are often considered the most reliable and most durable from a clinical point of view, due to their biomechanical properties and biocompatibility. Gold fillings can be recommended for molars, as these are not really visible in a smile.


Inlays (in the tooth) are alternatives to dental composites. When the tooth is very damaged, the inlay-core or false stump is recommended. In this method, the crown is associated with an inlay-core, which is anchored in the root of  the tooth by a pin and serves as a point of attachment to the crown. The anchorage is made at at the root canals which have been previously closed. Our Hungarian dentists specialize in inlays that are guaranteed three years. The price of our Inlays in Budapest is EUR 220.-.

The onlay (on the tooth) is a metal overlay in resin or ceramic, which is covering all or part of several faces of a tooth.

Inlays and onlays are made from a dental imprint in the laboratory of our dental clinic in Budapest. Dental fillings may be made of metal (usually gold), composite, ceramic or ceramic and metal in which case they are called ceramo-metallic inlays.

Inlays-onlays are more effective when the filling is large.

Guarantees Your Dental Fillings

Our dental clinic in Hungary gives a one year guarantee on its dental composites. Our inlays and onlays are guaranteed for 3 years.

Prices of Our Dental Fillings / Dental Resin in Budapest

For more detailed information about prices of dental care in Hungary or for a free quote, please contact us by phone at +41.22.575.44.59, by Email at or by filling our Contact Form.

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