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Dental Crowns in Budapest

The dental crown is a prosthesis placed on an implant or partially damaged tooth. We offer metal-free ceramic prostheses that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. The prosthesis is placed on an implant or a damaged tooth that has been broken, worn, malformed or devitalized. Custom made, based on an imprint, the crown adapts perfectly to the patient’s dentition. Crowns are usually in ceramic or zirconia.

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The term “porcelain” is also used to refer to dental ceramics. The ceramic can be melted with metal to form a ceramo-metallic crown. The metal alloy is often the choice of the dentist, especially for posterior teeth (premolars and molars). Crowns only made of ceramic, called all-ceramic, are generally used for the incisors and canines; their color is very similar to natural teeth. Zirconia is an alternative to a ceramo-metallic crown and gives an even more natural color.

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We Use The Highest Material for Our Crowns in Budapest

SwissMedFlight uses materials of the highest quality. Zirconia dental crowns are by the brand KaVo (Germany), and the porcelain crown by Ivoclar (Liechtenstein) or Kuraray Noritake (Japan); they are all guaranteed for 3 years.

Ceramic dental crowns can be completely ceramics : all-ceramic crown – or merged with metal: metal-ceramic crown.

Step of Dental Crown in Budapest

The tooth is restored from a core material such as a resin, the dental crown is then placed. The dental crown completely covers the portion of the tooth above the gum. According the status of the tooth, the crown can be done after or without the a root canal treatment.

Guarantee on Your Dental Crown in Budapest

Each crown (all-ceramic, ceramo-metallic or Zirconium dental crown) is guaranteed for 3 years.

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