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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are all-ceramic, ceramo-metallic or composite shells, which can be stuck on the face of the teeth to cover discolorations, yellow teeth, or correct the imperfections of the shape of the teeth, whether they are congenital or related to wear or trauma.

dental veneers

Veneers allow, for example, to correct the shape of teeth that are too small, too short, or broken.

 Dental veneers from EUR 320
 High-end veneers
 One trip treatment

Affordable Veneers

The Best Price/Quality ratio: the price of dental veneers in France, Belgium or England, marginalizes unfortunately their use on a large scale. Many professionals in the field of show business, actors or models, have chosen the aesthetic solution which veneers provide. Today, we offer you the chance to find a perfect smile for a very modest price. Our veneers in Budapest are only EUR 320 all-included.

Quality Materials for Your Dental Veneers

Our hungarian dentists work with top quality materials. The materials we use are mainly manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. For dental veneers, we notably use products by Ivoclar Vivadent, IPS E-Max.

The materials and technologies have allowed the method to spread on a large scale in the early 2000s. Dental veneers are a real improvement in terms of aesthetic dental treatments. They revive of your smile through a perfectly natural result; enhancing the shape of the teeth as well as their color.

Veneers Placement in a Few Steps

To ensure a sustainable and strong result, dental veneers should be of sufficient thickness. This often involves reshaping (cutting) the teeth before placement; one advantage is that much less material is lost than in the procedure of dental crown placement. Veneers are glued to the teeth after applying an adhesive resin cement.

Guarantee on Your Dental Veneers

There is a 3-year warranty on your veneers.

Prices of Our Veneers in Budapest

For more detailed information about prices of dental care in Hungary or for a free quote, please contact us by phone at +41.22.575.44.59, by Email at or by filling our Contact Form.

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