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Dental Bridge

The bridge is a dental prosthesis that joins one or more artificial teeth connected to two or more permanently affixed adjacent teeth. The dental bridge usually replaces one or 2 missing teeth. For instance, bridges covering 2 teeth and replacing one in the middle of those, are considered 3-tooth bridges.

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Bridges can also be affixed to adjacent dental implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth; the crowns are made of the same materials as the standard bridges.

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First quality materials for your bridge in Budapest

Dental bridges are in fact crowns. For example, a bridge replacing a tooth and leaning on the two neighboring teeth is made of 3 crowns. Our crowns are either made of zirconia from KaVo (Germany) or porcelain (ceramic) from Ivoclar (Lichtenstein) or Kuraray Noritake (Japan).

Ceramic bridges can be completely ceramics: all-ceramic bridge – or merged with metal: ceramo-metallic dental bridge.

The Steps for The Realization of a Dental Bridge

The realization of a dental bridge starts from the reshaping of the abutment teeth . A dental impression is then taken. Finally, the dentist performs the installation of the dental bridge.

The etching bridge, which is glued to the back of the supporting tooth, is a method sometimes used when only one tooth is missing. The advantage of this technique is the conservation of healthy adjacent teeth.

Guarantees on Our Crowns and Dental Bridges

We offers a 3 year guarantee on our dental crowns and bridges.

Prices of Our Crowns and Dental Bridges in Budapest

For more detailed information about prices of dental care in Hungary or for a free quote, please contact us by phone at +41.22.575.44.59, by Email at or by filling our Contact Form.

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