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What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a breast surgery procedure. This cosmetic surgery can enhance a sagging breast, in cases of breast ptosis. It should be noted that this surgery is one of the most popular today. In fact, according to the latest statistics, its demand has increased by 70% since the 2000s.

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A breast ptosis is a subsidence of the mammary gland and the skin that surrounds it. It is characterized by an absence of volume in the upper part of the breast. This situation appears for example following a pregnancy, after a significant weight loss or with age. As a result, a breast lift will lift the breasts, fill the void in the neckline and make the chest firmer.

Breast Implants in Conjunction with a Breast Lift

When breast volume has decreased, mastopexy can be combined with breast implant placement. The silicone prosthesis is placed behind the mammary gland. In this way, the increase in breast volume will produce an even more beautiful result.

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Breast Lift Cost

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Breast Lift Candidates

A person who is dissatisfied with his chest may be a candidate for a breast lift:

  • hanging breasts
  • sagging chest
  • nipples pointing downwards
  • chest that loses its firmness
  • relaxed breast skin
  • empty at the neckline
  • lack of volume in the upper chest
  • small breasts
  • asymmetrical chest

Generally speaking, the ideal candidate is a healthy, non-smoking person with realistic expectations of results.

Preparation for a Breast Lift

Before the procedure, you must stop smoking. Indeed, the smoke increases the risks and the operative complications.

2 weeks before the procedure, it is necessary to stop taking drugs containing aspirin, because it increases the risk of bleeding after surgery.

Always 2 weeks before the breast lift, it will also stop taking supplements and vitamins.

The medication should also be reviewed before the procedure.

The day of the intervention, it will be necessary to present fasting to the clinic in Budapest.

Finally, a medical check-up will be done at the clinic, 1 day before the procedure.

Procedure of the breast lift

Length of Stay

A minimum stay of 1 week in Hungary is necessary


The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia.

Duration of the Intervention

The intervention lasts 150 minutes.


There are 3 types of incisions. Choice of the incision is made according to the degree of sagging of the chest and the choice of the surgeon.

Round incision: it is done around the areola.

Round and vertical incision: around the areola and vertical from the areola to the fold of the breast.

Finally, in cases of important sagging breasts, the incision will be round, vertical and horizontal. In this third case, a third incision is made horizontally under the breast groove.


After the breast lift, you will stay 1 night at the clinic.

Recovery after a Breast Lift

After a breast lift, the cosmetic surgeon places a bandage around the chest and stitches at the incisions. These will be removed before your departure, normally 1 week after the intervention.

During the recovery period, you will need to wear a postoperative bra. This will help relieve the chest and reduce inflammation.

In terms of pain, the doctor will prescribe a specific medication.

To begin, during the first week, it will be necessary to avoid any physical exertion soliciting the muscles of the chest and the upper body. Regarding sports activities, your surgeon will tell you when you will be able to practice them.

Then, during the 2 weeks following the breast lift, you will have to sleep on your back and not wet the incisions.

Bruises and swelling may appear. These usually disappear after 1 month.

In addition, regarding smoking, it is advisable to refrain from smoking during the 4 weeks following the procedure. Indeed, smoke extends the healing and healing period.

Finally, the scars will be very apparent after the surgeries. The process of healing is long, the final scars could be judged 18 months after the breast lift.

Results of a Breast Lift

The breast lift is used to enhance a drooping breast, improve the neckline and firm a breast. Although the results of the operation are immediate, it will be necessary to wait several months before judging the final result. It should be noted that this delay may vary from one person to another.

The results are for the long term. Although it is impossible to combat the effects of gravity and aging, you will be able to maintain a lasting result by adapting a healthy and balanced way of life. Including maintaining an ideal weight and protecting your chest from sun exposure.

Risks and Complications of a Breast Lift

As with any cosmetic surgery, a breast lift involves risks and complications. By meticulously following the advice provided by your doctor, you will reduce these.

The risks and complications of a breast lift are as follows:

  • infections
  • swelling
  • inflammation
  • redness
  • Fever
  • discomforts
  • bleeding
  • hematoma
  • anesthesia
  • poor healing
  • loss of sensation
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