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What is a FUE Hair Transplant without Shaving ?

We offer a FUE hair transplant without shaving the hair technique.

Moreover, it is a unique FUE technique developed in 2008 by our hair surgeon and called the NLHT for No Look Hair Transplant.

FUE Hair Transplant without shaving

Indeed, the vast majority of hair clinics shave the hair of patients. This is to facilitate the collection and implantation of grafts.

With us, you do not need to have the head shaved to perform your hair implants: we cut only the hair that will be implanted in the bald area.

To do so, it is necessary to present the day of surgery with a hair length of 2 inches in the donor area, that is to say, the back of the head, between the two ears.

Benefits of FUE Hair Restoration without Shaving

FUE technique without shaving for women and men
No need to have the head completely shaved before surgery
Discrete hair transplant to your surroundings
Return to work possible the day after the intervention

Cost of a shave-free Hair Transplantation

Price hair transplantFUE with shaveFUE without shaving
Consultation and quotation00
1'000 grafts1'500 euros1'900 euros
2'000 grafts2'800 euros3'200 euros
3'000 grafts3'300 euros3'600 euros

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Procedure of Your Hair Transplant without Shaving

The course of a FUE hair transplant without shaving is exactly the same as for a FUE type hair transplant. The only difference is that you have to come with a hair length at the back of at least 2 inches. Only the hair used for the transplant will be cut. The donor area will be covered by the remaining hair.

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