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What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

The cost of a hair transplant will depend on several factors. For example: the country, the city, the technique used (FUE or FUT), the experience and reputation of the hair surgeon, the running costs of the clinic, the medical team, etc.

It should be noted that FUT techniques are generally less expensive than FUE hair transplants because they require less time.

Finally, we offer a FUE hair transplant with or FUE without shaving. The technique without shaving requires more time, so it is slightly more expensive.

Average Price of a Hair Transplant

Here is an overview of the average price of a hair transplant in Europe.

CountryAverage price of a hair transplant
Hungary1'600 euros
Turkey1'600 euros
Switzerland5'400 euros
France4'200 euros
UK3'600 euros

Price of a Hair Transplant in Budapest Hungary

hair transplant cost price - all inclusive

We offer hair transplants at affordable prices in Hungary, Budapest. You can save up to 80%, all inclusive, on the price of your hair implants abroad. In addition, for a much higher quality. Indeed, we work with one of the best European specialists for your hair transplant.

Price list of hair transplants in euros at the 1st of January 2018.

Price hair transplantFUE with shaveFUE without shaving
Consultation and quotation00
1'000 grafts1'500 euros1'900 euros
2'000 grafts2'800 euros3'200 euros
3'000 grafts3'300 euros3'600 euros

What the Cost of Your Hair Restoration Includes

  • Manual FUE hair transplant (not robotic)
  • Quotation and free consultation
  • Hair surgeon with more than 24 years of professional experience
  • PRP solution for the preservation of grafts
  • FUE with or without shave
  • 1 or 2 nights 4-star hotel, breakfast included
  • Airport Transfers – Hotel – Airport
  • Postoperative medication
  • Written guarantee on all our treatments

What the Cost of your hair transplant does not include

  • Plane tickets
  • Taxi between your hotel and the clinic
  • First and last night of hotel (see our offer below)

Extra hotel night

We offer you 1 or 2 nights hotel accommodation in the following hotels: Belvedere Budapest Hotel or Castle Garden Hotel. In addition, we take care of your reservation. For extra nights, we can book them for you at a preferential price of 50 euros / night.

Get Your Free Quote Online Today

hair transplant price - free quotation

In order to get a free quote remotely, just send us pictures of your hair by email at

We will estimate on the basis of your photos the number of grafts to implant and the final price of your hair implants.

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