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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the major cities in Europe with a population close to two million; the city recently gained popularity not only in medical tourism but also tourism in general. Budapest attracts about 4.5 million travelers a year, making it the the 25th most popular city in the world. It is ranked as the most livable Central and Eastern European city based on quality of life. Cited as one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, Budapest boasts the world’s largest thermal water cave system and the third largest parliament building.

Medical Tourism in Budapest, Hungary - SwissMedFlight

Bringing together fascinating history and vibrant modern culture in a fantastic geographic location, the Hungarian capital encompasses the Buda Castle, the banks of the Danube, and two islands within its borders. Hosting the headquarters of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Budapeat is also home to eighteen universities, including the reputable Semmelweis university, whoseMedicine program is listed by the WHO and is recognized without any licensing examinations in all European Union countries.

Several unique and affordable activities are available downtown, from relaxing in a variety of leisure spas and thermal baths, to shopping in the two largest malls in Central and Eastern Europe. The city is also known for its exciting nightlife, carrying participants from the evening through the night with an impressive panel of terraces, restaurants, bars and discotheques.

The city’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic, encompassing Baroque, Classical and Neoclassical architecture, attracts several high-profile Hollywood productions every year. A profusion of parks, Museums, and operas make Budapest very appealing for visitors with a desire to grow their portfolios of great holiday pictures and memories.

Medical tourism in Budapest is expanding. Many Swiss, Belgian, French and British come every year in Hungary for dental care, plastic surgery or hair implants. The main reason for medical tourism in Budapest is the price of the medical treatment: the cost of living in Hungary is much lower compared to that in Switzerland, France, Belgium and England.

Dental treatment or cosmetic surgery will allow the patient to save up to 80% on prices in his country. Hungary has a very good reputation for dental tourism: Hungarian dentists are highly qualified and Hungarian clinics have advanced equipment and the latest medical technologies.

Medical tourism in Budapest is also developed for surgical treatments: the Hungarian plastic surgery clinics welcome many foreign patients. Many people go for surgery in clinics in South America or North Africa, by comparison, Hungary as the advantage of being less than 2 hours from Paris, Brussels or Geneva.

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